Monday, 21 February 2011

The beginning of.....the beginning

Hello Avid readers,
                             It is with somewhat initial discomfort that I resign myself to becoming an internet 'blogger'. A term that to me holds connotations of pre-pubescent teens venting their anger at the world or keyboard warriors donning combat helmets and flak jackets to do war with the trolls of the 'interwebz'. However, I find the potential of blogging particularly in the context of showcasing design work to a broad public audience to be a welcome tool especially as it is a free one!

So buckle up, strap in and bear with me in what I hope will prove to be an insightful look into the mind, the madness and the sometimes downright genius of what I have to offer in what I hope to be a longer and prosperous career in not only making sh*t look cool, but also design and develop products of substance in a market that is already overly saturated.

But for now....Phoenix out

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