Monday, 21 February 2011

A break from the norm...

After a week balanced between bike design to get my Suzuki project finished hopefully in time for the end of year degree show show and sorting out the basic shape of my major project model a change was needed as well as a rest from the sawdust. So in the spirit of diversity and just because I grew up thinking they were cool, I turned to the original reason I started drawing....Comic books.

The following three stages were carried out over a total of 5 hours. 2 for the sketch and 3 for the photoshop rendering afterwards. This is my first photoshop 'comic book' render but I'm happy with the results so expect to see this and more work like it in my portfolio.

Batman Render, Stage one. Pencil and Ink. Scanned and un-altered

Batman Render, Stage Two. Simple color blocking - Pre shading (70's Style Comic)

Batman Render, Complete. Shaded and trimmed.

So there you have it. My first foray into the grimy underworld of photoshop comic book inking.

Phoenix Out

The beginning of.....the beginning

Hello Avid readers,
                             It is with somewhat initial discomfort that I resign myself to becoming an internet 'blogger'. A term that to me holds connotations of pre-pubescent teens venting their anger at the world or keyboard warriors donning combat helmets and flak jackets to do war with the trolls of the 'interwebz'. However, I find the potential of blogging particularly in the context of showcasing design work to a broad public audience to be a welcome tool especially as it is a free one!

So buckle up, strap in and bear with me in what I hope will prove to be an insightful look into the mind, the madness and the sometimes downright genius of what I have to offer in what I hope to be a longer and prosperous career in not only making sh*t look cool, but also design and develop products of substance in a market that is already overly saturated.

But for now....Phoenix out